Poll: The Worst Roads In Seagovile

It’s no secret to local residents that Seagoville has an abundance of roads with pot holes and dips that can do significant damage to vehicles. But which streets are really in bad shape?

To coincide with our ‘10 Worst Streets in Seagoville’ feature coming next month, SeagovilleGazette.com is asking our readers to choose the worst roads in Seagoville. Voting will end on Jan. 20th and readers are limited to only three selections each day.

The 10 streets with the most votes will be spotlighted in a special Home Page feature article on January 21, 2015.

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  1. Seagoville new streets and road resurfacing is failing after 60 to 80 days due to insufficient thickness of asphalt. Tens of thousands of our tax dollars have been wasted on substandard resurfacing just to make it appear many streets have been resurfaced rather than fewer quality streets, that will last for years.
    Two inches of asphalt will not support vehicle traffic at traffic speeds. Cracks 5/8 inch wide and 10 to 12 inches deep appearing after 60 days. Two inches is good for a walking trail. Contractor’s excuse is that the trees along the road are pulling the moisture from the base. What a lame excuse. Improper base and asphalt thickness is the problem. Ruts are appearing due to the thin asphalt.
    Asphalt companies on the web recommend 4 inches of asphalt for drive ways.
    Whoever authorized only 2 inches of asphalt needs to held accountable for wasting our tax dollars and the streets need to be resurfaced correctly. A qualified unbiased engineer needs to be the one to make the construction recommendations, not city employees. For too many years (25 years) we tax payers have been waiting for quality streets but are short changed for quantity rather than quality.