Seagoville High School History Not Worthless


The legacy of Seagoville High School is under attack.

The news that some faculty members at Seagoville High School have taken upon themselves to discard the rich history of the Dragons and throw away so many historic trophies have struck a nerve with more than a few alumni. It’s more than unfair, it’s disrespectful to the thousands and thousands of former students and faculty.

Once upon a time, our local high school competed for state championships in basketball, went undefeated in football, and was a perennial playoff squad in baseball. The Sea Dragons were amongst the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) top swim teams, and the Future Farmers of America were second to none. And, that’s just a teaser.

Seagoville High School used to be a place where academic and athletic achievements were the norm. We competed well against the rich kids from Allen, and were one of the DISD model schools. “I’m from Seagoville, couldn’t be prouder” was not just a cheer, it was a lifestyle.

But for some strange reasons – a few of the current faculty at SHS would like to erase that proud history. The past is the past and not important, evidently. Who needs tradition? The fact that history does not matter at Old Seagoville High these days is just utterly ridiculous.

History is important because it helps us to understand the present. A high school with history and tradition sets a standard for future generations of students and faculty. The achievements of the past allows future generations to strive for greater heights. Any institution that forgets its past, has no future.

Seagoville High School cannot get to where it is going without knowing where it has already been. History creates value and shapes our lives. So often the future is built on the foundation of the past, and knowing the past helps us to move forward.

Some things in life are worth fighting for, and I am just one of thousands of alumni and faculty who are as mad as hell at what is going on at Seagoville High School these days. It is one thing to forget the past. It is an injustice to try and disregard the history of Dear Old Seagoville High.

Marvin Moore is a 1984 graduate of Seagoville High School. He can be contacted at



  1. This is very upsetting!! I graduated from SHS. Best school I’ve ever attended. I have four kids on their way into this school and I would love for them to know where and what Seagoville has been through. It’s not far to take that away from our kids. This was the best school in DISD. Why disregard history? Maybe the teachers now a days just don’t know enough about our past because clearly they don’t care

  2. Could it be that the current leaders are reminded daily of the achievements by past leaders and that they themselves have failed for so many years they don’t want to face it? Therefore, their failure to live up can easily be erased with a trash can.

  3. I didn’t grow up in Seagoville, but so far 2 of my 4 kids have graduated here. My daughter (2nd child) was on the swim team all 4 years she loved it, loved coach too. It was so sad when he retired & my 3rd child (a boy) was not able to continue with swim team they pretty much dismantled the team & threw them away. At least that’s how we felt. He needed that team it helped him in so many ways. He doesn’t “fit in” as a jock, kinda nerdy (to smart for his age lol), he’s odd and swim was good for him.
    I’m not sure if any of yall know they did district, regionals, & even went to state several times. There was never any budget for the team coach did it out of his pocket for the most part (not all just most). The last time that state happened it was a toss up … no funds for the trip & no support from the school or town for that matter. My son didn’t qualify but I don’t remember if they ended up going or decided to forfeit… it’s just sad that they didn’t try to keep a positive program going. … ok off my soap box

  4. I’m a 1986 graduate of Seagoville High School. I heard that they were “throwing away” all the trophies and memorabilia. I can’t believe that any school with so much history would just disregard the hard work, the passion and goals that we as kids wanted to let everyone know that we were Seagoville and we were proud! I hope that with this article something would be done to house these items. Create room. It’s not that difficult.

  5. I agree that “history” should be valued and cherished for the richness it brings to each generation. The above story is simply not true. No trophies have been nor will be thrown away at Seagoville High School. This story is based on the moving of many trophies to allow for the display of current student achievement. This was done in the fall of 2014. Our school has over a half century of accomplishments, there is simply not enough space to display everything in one place. I encourage you to connect with the High School through an Alumni Association. The school would welcome your participation and open its doors if a meeting place is needed or if help is needed to formalize and develop a Seagoville Alumni Association.
    Nancy Bingham
    District 4 Trustee, Dallas I.S.D.

    • It is a “fact” that if not for a former SHS graduate who currently works at the school, some of the trophies/awards which are currently stacked in a closet would have been thrown away. Myself and countless other SHS graduates and former faculty members are confused as to why the DISD cannot build additional trophy cases to preserve these historic pieces?

  6. Publish email if you want. I don’t care. I grew up and went to Seagoville High. Still wear my High School Ring. Dragon on one side Sate of Texas Seal on the other. Very proud of it. Always will be. To throw away our past is not fair. If they don’t have room designate a special room for all trophies and stuff that should be saved for all generations. To me that would be awesome to go in and look at those things. If they just have to get rid of it to ease their unjust feelings let someone have it that will take care of it.

  7. This makes me sick. We fought for our school and the DISD school board for the right to call the building ” SEAGOVILLE HIGH SCHOOL”. Please dont let a few people that have no ties to our school do this. The people that have hidden our trophies should be ashamed.

  8. My doubles partner and I have district championship trophies in tennis for Seagoville. I would hate to see them discarded. We worked so hard and earned them with blood, sweat and pride.

    Regardless of our contributions, others also were dedicated athletes and have a part of the rich history and pride if being a Seagoville Dragon.

    I’m in for helping save those memories. Let me know what I can do.

  9. I went to SHS for 1 1/2 years, and the school spirit was always high. The sports teams were very good. I hate to read this article, because all the present and future students need to know about the challenges and success SHS students went through

  10. I was one of the students that stood before the D.I.S.D. School Board when they tried to rename the newly built Seagoville High School. I was a very proud agriculture transfer student (I lived in H.G. Spruce district) from 75/76 thru graduation 78/79. We as members of student body past stood together and showed the bond that we created meant something, it is very hurtful to know that is happening yet again. I will be sharing this with quite a few of the friends I attended Seagoville High School with in hopes that they too will speak up.

    Tami Starr (Schlag)