Jill Means, Retired Seagoville High School Teacher, Dies

jill means-2

Retired Seagoville High School teacher Jill Means passed away on Friday, April 17, in Gilmer, Texas. She also served as the head of the English Department at Seagoville High during her three decades at the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) school.

Miss Means attended East Texas State University (ETSU) where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, Spanish and Social Studies. The Gilmer native, who started her academic journey at Kilgore Junior College, later earned her Master of Arts degree at ETSU.

The veteran teacher began her career at Farmersville High School before finding a permanent home at Seagoville High. A former DISD Teacher of the Year recipient, she was also a sponsor of the school yearbook and numerous graduating senior classes.

Miss Means was impacted greatly by another Seagoville High teacher, the late James Ray Henry.

“James Ray Henry taught me more about life and kids than any college class could,” she once told the school newspaper, Dragon’s Tale.

A private graveside for Miss Means will be held for family and friends.

Photo: Facebook

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  1. Miss Means was a wonderful teacher, mentor and friend. I was blessed to have her for American Government. She made learning fun. Miss Means was our Sr Class Sponsor and we had the Best Class ever and school was not only educational but Fun! I cherish the SHS Memories. Miss Means reached out to those of us that needed it…kept us on a straight path and went to bat for us when needed!
    RIP Miss Jill Means.
    Much love from me and the
    SHS Bicentennial Class of 76!!!

  2. Miss Means was by far my favorite teacher of all time. She was a wonderful teacher and mentor. I will remember forever, the “slang jar” she kept in her class room and the many times she would call me out of another class to fix her typewriter when the ribbon ran out or when the IBM ball stuck or broke. She inspired me to be better, not only at the English language but to understand that no day is wasted in which something is learned.
    She will be greatly missed.

  3. My son Lyndle Summers had Miss Means as a teacher at Seagoville . She made such an impression on him.He loved her and thougt there was no one like her. I know that he is waiting for in Heaven.

  4. So saddened at this news. Miss means was truly a wonderful teacher and made a big impression on me with her amazing sense of humor & fun, great wit & wisdom and continuous stories that entertained. I was in her class on the day that the news was announced over the intercom that President Kennedy was shot… one of those memories that stays with you forever. I was privileged to be on the Annual Staff that she sponsored in addition to learning from her as a teacher. Jill Means was truly an unforgettable person and touched many lives over the years. She will live on in the memories of many. My sincere condolences to all the family and friends.

  5. Thank you for posting the death of Jill. Although my association with her was outside of the school room, I consider her one of the nicest, smartest people I have ever known. I send sympathies to her family and extend my prayers to you during this difficult time. My life and memories are richer because of my love and friendship of Jill.