Is It Time For Seagoville To Leave The Dallas ISD?


By Marvin Moore

SEAGOVILLE – If I had a nickel for how many times local residents have described the Dallas ISD to me as “It is what it is,” I could work a little less. More than a few times in the history of Seagoville, people have asked if our community could serve our youth better by becoming the Seagoville Independent School District?

When I graduated from Seagoville High School in 1984, life was much different at SHS. The Dragons had a proud athletic program that boasted playoff teams in football, boys and girls basketball, volleyball, swimming, baseball, golf…you get the picture. And, our band had large numbers and consistently earn accolades at different competitions.

Today, life is much different at SHS. I see students and parents doing their best to represent our community with little support from a school district that is best known for infighting and bloated salaries of top officials. Seagoville can do better.

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Similar to the late John R. Ligon, who was the principal at SHS during my high school years, my favorite cheer was also “I’m from Seagoville, couldn’t be prouder. If you can’t hear me, I’ll yell it a little louder!” But not anymore.

When you have teachers setting up accounts at charity websites seeking donations to help their students learn, that’s a problem. When the high school band needs help outfitting band members with marching shoes, that’s a problem. And the list goes on and on.

Sure, America has changed dramatically over the last three decades since I graduated. But when I look down the street at the Crandall Independent School District, I see what Seagoville could become. A community that is not an insignificant piece of a jigsaw puzzle called the DISD.

If you are a parent of a child attending school in Seagoville, the best place to go for information are several Facebook groups – not the DISD website. I see so many parents in the community doing their best to support local schools without much help from the district. Seagoville can do better.

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Back in the day, SHS was a different type of DISD school. We were a bit arrogant because our community was different in many ways from other DISD schools. I will never forget the day when the baseball team travelled to Allen and knocked off the mighty Eagles in front of a student assembly. A DISD school did not embarrass those little rich kids, it was the Seagoville Dragons.

My first job after college was at The Houston County Courier in East Texas. I was the guy from the “rich” school district and there was a big difference between the DISD and schools like Crockett, Latexo, Grapeland and Kennard. But even those “poor” school districts had an identity. They were independent and did not have to play second fiddle to other schools. That’s a good thing.

The time has come for Seagoville to demand more from the DISD. Why is the new superintendent meeting with parents at W.T. White, Roosevelt, Spruce, Sunset and Skyline before coming to Seagoville? Why is there scarce news from Seagoville schools on the DISD website? We are obviously near the bottom of the district totem pole and that is unacceptable.

If you are a parent with a student attending a Seagoville school, join the PTA today and get involved. The next time the DISD conducts a meeting in Seagoville, we need to pack the room and show district officials that we understand how their system works. As long as we remain silent and apathetic, local students will suffer in the classrooms.

Finally, I am prepared for the missile that will surely come from our District 4 trustee. But, it is what it is.

Marvin Moore is a 1984 Seagoville High School graduate. Email him at Family friendly social network on the way with E-cards, Video Chat, Forums, Contests with cool prizes, Blogs, Recipes and more. Wholesome fun for the entire family!



  1. This is EXACTLY why several residents in the Seagoville community use family members’ addresses to send their children to other school districts! DISD does not care about the Seagoville community–much less some of the schools in their own city.

  2. Leaving DISD has been cussed and discussed by many, many times. The Seagoville schools were voted into DISD for lack of finances. The same problem exists today and we do not have the required number of students the state requires in order to separate into our own school district. We had to sell bonds to get some money to repair the streets. We have no tax base. When DISD took over, every family who could moved to Combine or Crandall to get into Crandall’s district. It is fiscally impossible for Seagoville to form its own district again, even if the state allowed. It seems the only hope is to reform the DISD and that is a slim one. My children were in the old Seagoville District and I loved it. What a tragedy to lose it!

  3. This has been discussed many times, but Seagoville does not have the tax base, nor are the tax payers willing to pay what it would cost to support the cost of a school system. The old city fathers in their short sited wisdom gave up Seagoville’s schools for a one time sum of money to be used else where in the city.
    It will cost millions to purchase the schools from DISD, pay for teachers, buses, insurance, retirements etc. Seagoville North cost about 17 million.
    Bottom line is Seagoville does not have enough students that live in the city according to state law to be allowed at this time to have our own school district. If I remember correctly we would need around 3400 students that live in the city, not the bussed in students from areas of Dallas.