Area Residents Recruiting Big Al’s Sports Cafe


SEAGOVILLE – The recruitment process to convince Dallas radio personality Big Al Mack to open his next Big Al’s Sports Cafe in Seagoville has been launched on social media by several area residents.

Mack, who has been with the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show since 2008, recently announced on Facebook that he was scouting cities for his next business venture.

“About to re-start my search for the location of the next Big Al’s Sports Cafe, wrote Mack. “So far, Ive looked in Waxahachie, Midlothian, Texoma and Ennis. Today, I’ll look in Tarrant County. Next week, I’m gonna look around the Baton Rouge, La. area. Any Suggestions of other cities or towns to check out?”

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Crandall resident Amanda Kannady ignited the small movement by contacting Mack via Facebook and forwarding him the listing for the building that previously was the home of Time Out Sports Bar & Grill, which opened and closed last year.

“Hey everyone! As you can see Big Al Mack from 106.1 Kiss FM is looking for a location for his new Sports Bar and Grill and guess what, Seagoville just happens to have one ready for sale/lease,” Kannady informed members of the Seagoville Community Watch & News Facebook group.

It did not take long for other area residents on Facebook to throw their support in favor of recruiting Mack to open his new sports bar in Seagoville.

“Wish that could happen as the short time the other (Time Out Sports Bar & Grill) was open we enjoyed going over having something to eat, a few beers and a game or two of pool, wrote Linda Chester. “Shame to let it (building) set empty.”

Longtime Seagoville resident Dennis Crowe urged Mack to, “Look at SEAGOVILLE. There is a place ready to unlock the doors and boom, your in business. It was ‘Time Out Sports Bar and Grill.’ It is on Highway 175, next to Ace Hardware.”

Another local resident, Linda Vineyard, sent Mack photos of the proposed site, contact details for the realtor, and the benefits of opening his next sports bar in Seagoville.

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However, according to Mack’s Facebook page, Seagoville is just one of dozens of cities interested in having a Big Al’s Sports Cafe in their community.

Numerous college students from Tyler posted that East Texas would be the perfect place for Mack to open his new venture. And, residents from Crandall, Mansfield, Arlington, Fort Worth, Waxahachie, Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Baton Rouge (LA) and many other places also took to social media to ask Mack to consider their cities as well.

Although it remains to be seen if local efforts to recruit Big Al’s Sports Bar to Seagoville will be successful, the initiative of a few civic-minded citizens could help the area bag a popular sports bar that would benefit area residents and the city in many ways.

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