College Board Bans 9-Year-Old From Taking SATs


The U.S. College Board is coming under fire for recently banning a 9-year-old boy from taking math subject SATs because of his age. People around the world are coming out in support of Adolphus Daniel Jr., a talented student from Trinidad & Tobago.

The Dolphy Project has been launched on social media to allow people worldwide to use their webcams to support Adolphus. The decision by the U.S. College Board shattered his dream of becoming the first 9-year-old to take these specific match subject SAT tests (Level I and II) and attain a perfect 800 score in at least one of the tests.

Every child deserves a chance to excel and the Dolphy Project is on a mission to let the world know that what happened to Adolphus must never happen to another child.

Make your own video to support Adolphus and visit the Dolphy Project Facebook Page to learn what others are saying about the decision of the U.S. College Board to reject his application on the grounds that he was “too young.”

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