Seagoville Man Barely Escapes Alligator Attack


SEAGOVILLE – Lake Placid in Seagoville?

A Seagoville man escaped with a few cuts on his legs after jumping in the back of a truck on Bowers Road late Monday night to fend off an alligator attack under his carport.

“He heard the hissing and by the third hiss he realized it got louder and sounded like one,” wrote Alicia McDaniel on Facebook. “As soon as he started to get up out of the chair, the second he knew, it (alligator) lunged and flipped my boyfriend out of the chair. It was dark so he didn’t see it until it was almost too late.”

McDaniel believes that construction has forced the alligators from their homes at the nearby alligator preserve and area gravel pits. The size of the gator that attacked her husband was approximately five feet long.

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Although longtime residents in the area are well aware that a small population of alligators have been living in area waters for decades, some local folks are shocked by the news.

“There’s alligators in Seagoville?,” an alarmed Desiree Alaniz asked on social media when learning about the alligator farm.

“OMG I live on Bowers too!,” exclaimed Karen Horn Rodgers.  “I knew this place existed but I have never seen one and I hope I never do!”

Another local resident, Pamela Kay Wilson, added she “just told a friend about this place yesterday evening and she had no idea it was there either.”


“It’s not exactly a ‘farm’, it’s a preserve at the end of Simond and Beltline,” wrote Kathy Covington Cox. “Been there for years and the alligators have been there for 50 yrs I know of.”

Cox added that, “My grandpa’s farm was in that double curve on Simonds from the 40’s. It backs up to a Slough off the Trinity and my grandma and me got a small gator on our fishing hook back in the 60’s. I’m sure those gravel pits across from Bowers Road are full of gators too. Be careful, if he found food he’ll be back. And the Trinity flooding may also be part of the problem. That Slough goes all the way past Beckett.

“My family has lived in this area for over 50 years. Yes, there are alligators, but they keep to themselves for the most part,” wrote Vanonda Kannady. I was able to get a picture (see photo above) of one of them on two different days last year.”

“It’s not just the gator preserve that has Gators. There are gravel pits all over the place around Simonds Road and on the old golf course,” noted Cox.  “More than likely the gator came from there, not two miles down the road. That Slough goes under Beckett Rd and there are lots of gravel pits right at Simonds/Bowers intersection.”

The views on what to do with the stray alligators depended on which person you asked.

“Personally, if they were coming up to my house they would be met with a rifle,” wrote Paula Colby. “That said, I think it would be beneficial to remove anything that might attract them.”

“If they’re “off” the preserve……alligator tail for dinner…just a thought,” added Scott Englert. Another local resident, Rhonda Brock Potter, liked the idea. “Wooooo hooo! Catch it…I’ll cook it!”

The Palmetto – Alligator Slough Preserve, often called an “alligator farm” by local residents, is a 268-acre site in the southeastern corner of Dallas County. This preserve includes what is thought to be the northern-most grove of palmettos in Texas. However, the most striking feature about the Preserve is the 100,000-year-old Pleistocene-era swamp that occupies the vast majority of it.

Anyone who needs help with an alligator should call Game Warden David Solis at 214-842-3385.

Photos: Facebook

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  1. Now I know some of you may say we’ll if the alligator was coming at me, or on my property I would’ve shot it. Well I’ll tell you this, I couldn’t not see the alligator, it was hiding right before it attacked me. I had a fraction of a second to react and it still ended up flipping me out of the chair. So for those who think it’s not that bad, think again. I could’ve lost my legs if I hadn’t had knowledge of the sound the gator made. And it only hissed once before it flipped me. After I flew into some stuff in the carport I quickly regained my footing and jumped in the truck. Keep in mind, it was at NIGHT. For everyone that lives in Seagoville. Be very careful.

    -attacked man