Romance For Guys: 6 Guiding Principles

Bouquet of roses
Bouquet of roses

1) Romance Is Something You Do Consciously
Above and beyond anything else, the simple secret to being romantic and delighting your partner is to make an effort at it. Do it for exactly that reason: Because you want to make someone you love happier. Being romantic will do a lot of things for you – it’ll make you happier too, and it’ll help with your sex life, among many other things – but only if you’re doing it for the right reasons. Make the choice to be romantic for the one you love.

2) Trust Your Intuition
Making an effort is important, but you have to do it properly. This doesn’t mean trying to ape what you’ve seen in movies and read in magazines. Becoming a true romantic – the impressive kind – comes from within yourself. This is a matter of the heart, right? So trust your own heart to take the lead. You can almost approach finding romantic inspiration like meditating. Clear your mind and listen to what your heart is telling you to do for your special someone. If you’re acting on a genuine, individual impulse you’re going to get great results, even if you take a few stumbles in carrying out your intentions. There are some very nice relationship and romance tips on this blog.

3) Romance Comes From Stillness
It’s no accident that I mentioned meditation in that last point. You can’t summon up romantic feelings if you’re busy multitasking on three different jobs. There are opportunities to express yourself romantically going by you all the time; you have to still yourself and open up to them. This is a skill you need to practice. As you cultivate it, it’ll become easier to both see and act on the romantic impulses that strike you.

4) Romance Is Private
No great, successful romantic gesture was ever strategized up in the locker room with the help of your gym buddies. Real romance isn’t a team sport, and it’s not something you brag about or ask for help with. As should be clear by now, unlocking your inner romantic is really all about getting in touch with yourself and coming to grips with how you really feel about your partner. You need to encourage romantic thoughts inside your own head, all on your own. That’s the first step towards acting on them.

5) Good Romance Is Free Of Expectations
You’re never going to impress your partner if you consider romantic gestures to be a matter of quid pro quo. You should be acting on your feelings for the simple joy of expressing and sharing them, not because you want something in return. As you get better at expressing yourself romantically, you’ll discover that this is an amazingly diverse field. You can get truly creative with the things you do for your beloved.

6) Everyone Can Be Romantic
Although the skill to express your romantic feelings is in short supply among men, (there wouldn’t be a need for this article if it wasn’t!) romance doesn’t rely on some rare and special quality. Anyone can be romantic. All you need to do is try. You’ll be surprised with how much you can do – and so will your partner!