Getting A Job In The Energy Field

One of the most volatile job sectors when it comes to hiring in the United States is the energy sector. Moving through 2017, hiring is down in the energy sector, meaning that more candidates are fighting tooth and nail for fewer jobs.

Such a tight hiring climate will not mean that you are going to be out of luck. There are wonderful jobs still available in the energy industry. These are some ways that you can work on focusing your job search to find the right positions and to set yourself up to get a great job offer in the field:

Networking Effectively – When you hand out a stack of business cards, it may feel as though you are networking productively, however the right leads will come from those people you know personally. Schedule a weekly meeting with someone from your professional or personal network for lunch, a cup of coffee, or even a brisk walk while talking about the job you are hoping for.

Know Your Worth – The wages will tend to get more competitive as the hiring heats up. Do your research online or talk with a recruiter so that you have a good idea of what a competitive compensation plan looks like. This will put you in a healthier position to describe what you feel you are worth as an employee.

Go Mobile – Many companies are starting to put up job openings on their social media pages, discussing challenges they face and even creating application platforms that are mobile-friendly so that you can access them wherever you are. You can put your device to work looking for a job you will love no matter where you are.

What Are Your Accomplishments? – Job seekers will tend to repeat duties and credentials that are listed in the postings for the job, but may not say much about accomplishments. Take it further by talking about the skills, capabilities and tasks that set you apart from the rest.

What Is In It For The Potential Employer? – Take time to look up the employer online, view press releases and look at other things that speak of what the employer is looking for with their employees. Use the application to answer the bigger questions that every employer will have. How can you help them? What makes you a good fit? There are plenty of years of oil and gas left according to Fircroft, so the time is now to get involved.

Work With A Recruiter – The recruiters will specialize in matching up candidates to the jobs that are a nice fit for their personality, job goals and abilities even when the market is tough. The recruiter can become a major ally for your job search.