Why Men Fancy Russian Women

Western men fancy Russian women. Since the dissolution of the USSR, a lot of men from western countries got fixated on the idea of dating or marrying a Russian woman. What is so mysterious about Russian women? Are they better than their western counterparts? You can find the answers to these questions if you delve into differences between Russian and western differences. All the information about Russian personals are taken from contactbrides.com.


Western women prefer comfort to impressing men. They rarely try to impress men with their makeup and clothes. Most of them may go on the date almost with no makeup and casual outfits. Russian women, on the other hand, are obsessed with their appearance. They spend a lot of time on taking care of themselves, and you rarely see a Russian woman without makeup.

Russian girls enjoy wearing expensive outfits and high-heeled shoes on daily basis, so you can often observe women in fashionable clothes on the public transport in Russia.


Education is sort of privilege in Western culture. About 35%-40% of school graduates in western countries enter University. Moreover, the number of people who aim at entering the university is very limited.

Education in Russian culture was always compulsory. Moreover, education in Russia is considered to be prestigious since the Soviet times. As a result, over 80% of school graduates enter University in modern Russia. So it is very hard to find an uneducated woman in Russia.

An educated partner is a life-long partner, because you’d never run out of conversational topics. Education is especially useful when you’re about to marry a foreigner. An educated person is better in adapting to foreign culture and its peculiarities.

Lack of emancipation

Feminism is an important aspect of western culture. Western countries are full of emancipated and self-sufficient women, who prefer building successful career to building families. It can be easily observed in the increasing number of families where women act as the main supplier of the family or in the number of open relationships initiated by the female.

Although, there were certain feminist movements in Russia in the late 19th and early 20th century, feminism had a much lesser impact on Russian women, comparing to their western counterparts.

Russian women are ‘immune’ to feminism, because of their patriarchal upbringing, according to which woman’s main life goals is to become a good wife and a great mother.

With almost complete absence of child-free movements, Russian women dream about families. Moreover, families without children are considered to be incomplete in Russian culture. If you want to learn more about the concept of family and dating in general, our partners from casa dating can help you.

Besides everything mentioned above, Russian women don’t view marriage as a partnership. Because the aspect of self-sacrifice, which is common for Russian culture, Russian women view marriage as a complete devotion to husband and children. That’s why they make perfect lovers, housekeepers, cooks, and mothers.

As a mix of all those aspects, there is no surprise that Russian women make perfect brides for each man. It is hard to find a man, who won’t fell for a woman who is beautiful, smart, and devoted to love.