How Men Change After Marriage

So what changes do women dream to see in their husbands-to-be?

The dream-scenario provided by women

First thing, he is getting rid of all the unhealthy habits once and for all: alcohol, smoking, computer games, fast food, etc. Afterwards, he informs all the friends that now when he is married, he does not need such childish and foolish stuff as

• Friday beer at a bar
• Watching football with more than 10 fellows in one room
• Fishing
• Other stuff, which makes the wife nervous

Next, the happy-happy husband starts improving his personality traits and habits: learn to put socks where they belong, cook, do laundry, decorate house, take care of his wife’s favorite cat, stop arguing… Somewhere in the middle of the self-improvement process he gets the enlightenment, “Why don’t I become a billionaire so that my lovely wife gets a huge wardrobe full of beautiful shoes?”

The perfect husband and his supportive wife begin the search for a dream-job. And voila, he is a Director General of a famous global company. And the wife, being a savior of penguins endangered species, is giving another interview, “You see, we have lead this path together… He was an ordinary plumber when I agreed to become his wife. Well, I always knew he was to become someone bigger than just a plumber. I had a faith in him, you know.”

The greatest thing is that he is falling deeper and deeper for you. He cannot believe his luck.

The real POSITIVE scenario

As a newly made husband, your man did not give up his ability to wash the dishes, taking the trash, and making bed. He loves spending time with you, he gives you presents, and says compliments. Realizing that you have become his legitimate soulmate did not make stop seeking for your love and attention. Your sex has become even better – you catch his gentle glances and enjoy the night full of passion and pleasure.

Furthermore, you have learnt to plan your future. You dream about having messy kids and breakfasts at a cozy Napoli café and sweet talks about how you met on You feel tender and pride in his voice, when saying “My wife”.

The real NEGATIVE scenario

He married you, and, as it seems to him, saved you from the bitter fate on the modern marriage market. Now he expects you to show the generous gratitude: hearty suppers, regular sex, tidiness in the house, loyalty and care. By the way, his personal plans do not yet include active response actions (he was already exhausted at the stage of wooing – with your endless “I want lilacs and orange marmalade”).

Therefore, rest is rest. The life was adjusted, the photos were printed, the gifted money was spent. It remains only to hang in social networks all day long, get dressed in horrible smelly clothes, remind you of dirty floors and of a supper menu… And most importantly – at the right time, strictly enumerate the duties of a “normal wife”.

Well, my experience was quite different and did not match neither negative nor positive scenario here. Before the wedding, my sweetheart and I had been living together for about a year and a half, so we were not afraid that everyday life can kill our love. However, as soon as we came back from our honeymoon trip, we suddenly realized that the interest we had for each other has poured out. Before that, we used to spend most of our time together, we used to visit different places, used to talk a lot, arrange surprises for each other. Now everything goes in a different way. My husband comes home from work and turns on the computer. When I try to talk to him, he ignores me. I cannot even ask how his day was. How do you think men change after the wedding?