Dallas Man Arrested After Robbing Seagoville Business

SEAGOVILLE – Christopher Dean Lancaster of Dallas, Texas was arrested on April 12th pursuant to a search warrant executed by Seagoville and Dallas Police Departments working jointly to recover stolen property from a residence in Dallas County.

Early Thursday morning, police were led to a residence in a neighborhood of Dallas known as Pleasant Grove where literally thousands of dollars of stolen property was observed by a witness in plain view resting on the front lawn. The property, comprised of specialized equipment and materials, had been stolen just hours before from a business in Seagoville where numerous company vehicles had been broken into and severe damages was sustained to a perimeter fence.

It is believed that the suspects used one of the company vehicles from within the gated yard area to ram the fence and abscond with the stolen property. The company vehicle was found by police abandoned in the 11800 block of Kleberg Road (Dallas) and emptied of all the stolen property.

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Lancaster was arrested by Dallas Police for charges stemming from the search warrant which ultimately revealed, aside from stolen property, illegal drugs and firearms on the premises.

The 46-year-old suspect is currently in Dallas County Jail for Possession of Controlled Substance and Unlawful Possession of Firearm by felon. Other criminal charges regarding the recovery of stolen property are imminent.

Source: Seagoville Police Department