Early Morning Burglars Target Seagoville Businesses

SEAGOVILLE – On the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 6, at around 6:00 a.m.- 6:15 a.m. a closed business in the 400 block of North US Highway 175 was targeted by unknown burglary suspects operating in a very organized fashion. The front door of the business was pried open and it appears the immediate focus of the burglary was the floor-mounted safe inside.

A neighboring business was also targeted, however, the burglars did not defeat the security gated entrance and the alarm presumably prompted the suspects to flee. Just a few minutes later, at about 6:28 a.m., recorded video footage from businesses in the 900 block of North US Highway 175 captured the suspect vehicle and three masked suspects, dressed all in black, burglarizing a closed restaurant with morning traffic driving by completely unaware.

Video reveals how swiftly the team was able to breach the front door using pry bars. Upon entry, the suspects went immediately to the floor mounted safe and began using a sledgehammer to break it loose. The suspects carried the safe out to the suspect vehicle that was backed into a space in line with the front door. The suspect vehicle departed south on Hall Street toward N US Highway 175 and out of camera view.

Anyone with information pertaining to this criminal activity is encouraged to contact the Seagoville Police Department at (972)287-2999.

Source: Seagoville Police Department